Winery Showcase: Wildekrans Wine Estate

Winery Showcase: Wildekrans Wine Estate

We are proud to share that we now have Wildekrans Wine Estate's range of wines available for sale on, made and bottled in low quantities on the estate.

Wildekrans Wine Estate, nestled in the picturesque Botriver Valley of South Africa's Western Cape, is a gem renowned for its exquisite wines and breathtaking landscapes. This historic farm, dating back to the 1860s, spans over 1000 hectares, offering a diverse terroir that produces award-winning wines.

De Wet Viljoen is the estate's newly appointed winemaker. He joined the Wildekrans team from Neetlingshof where he was the winemaker for over twenty years, producing exceptional wines.

Visitors to Wildekrans can indulge in a variety of experiences, from wine tastings and cellar tours to adventurous outdoor activities like mountain biking and horse riding.

The estate is also dedicated to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that its rich biodiversity is preserved. 444 Hectares of the estate are under conservation. Moreover, Wildekrans has been a member of WWF South Africa's Conservation Champions programme since 2009.

With its combination of natural beauty, rich history, and exceptional wines, Wildekrans Wine Estate provides an unforgettable destination for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

To browse our collection of Wildekrans wines, click HERE.

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