Our All-New WWF Conservation Champions Mixed Case

Our All-New WWF Conservation Champions Mixed Case

Buy wines from the leaders in environmental conservation of South Africa. By supporting them, you're helping them make the world a better place for creatures big and small.

When buying wines from wine farms that are WWF Conservation Champions, you can be sure that you're contributing to their conservation efforts.

These farms set aside a portion of their land solely for the conservation of pristine fynbos and indigenous plants. They also spearhead innovations in responsible water use and energy efficiency; actively decrease their carbon emissions; and drive community upliftment.

We are proud to present our all-new mixed case of conservation wines.

WWF Conservation Champion Mixed Case

Wildekrans Estate Cape Blend 2022

Wildekrans Estate Cape Blend 2022 is rich on the nose with lots of sweet berry aromas. It has flavours of ripe plums and dark fruit with a hint of fynbos and mint, and some nice spice complexity. Well balanced with a long, rich finish.

Vergenoegd Löw Range Amalie Merlot 2021

The elegant Amalie Merlot 2021 by Vergenoegd Löw exhibits beautifully balanced black and red berry fruits gently lifted by leafy lilts. A velvety texture on the palate is supported by a long-lasting finish.

Cederberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

High-altitude Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards that have a longer ripening period give rise to this phenomenal wine. Loads of blackcurrants with cedar wood undertones on the nose with a hint of smokiness and tobacco leaf, creating a complex wine.

Waterford Rose-Mary 2023

This lovely rosé consists of delicate apricot, fresh cherry, white floral, and citrus blossom on the aromatics, with hints of fresh oregano. The palate of the Waterford Rose-Mary 2023 is invitingly fresh with naartjie, apricot, and young nectarine flavours following through to a long aftertaste.

Delheim Chenin Blanc Wild Ferment 2022

A complex array of wild fermentation characteristics is ever present in the 2022 vintage of the Delheim Chenin Wild Ferment. Dominant fragrances on stone fruits and orange peel are supported by subtle notes of honeysuckle. There are vibrant fruits with a plentiful mouthfeel and lasting finish on the palate. A truly beautiful display of an old vine portraying its story.

De Wetshof The Site Chardonnay 2022

This is a multi-dimensional Chardonnay distinguished by a remarkable complexity of flavours derived from the fine quality of grapes and good wood. Matured in French oak barrels for one year, this elegant wine exudes fine aromas of lime and vanilla rounded off with a nutty, creamy texture on the palate.

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